Edition 86, February-March 2011

Child Care National Quality Framework

Child Care National Quality Framework - closes 14 April 2011

All states and territories have agreed to a national law to introduce the National Quality Framework for Child Care, and consulation closes on 14 April 2011

From 1 January 2012, the National Quality Framework (NQF) will introduce significant reform for long day care, family day care, outside school hours care and kindergarten services, which will be embedded in national law.

This includes a new quality assessment and rating system for services and new national standards that will include more educators to educate and care for children and enhanced educator qualification requirements.

The Draft National Regulations and an Information paper summarising the regulations have been released for comment and are available from the DEEWR website http://deewr.gov.au/Earlychildhood/Policy_Agenda/Pages/DraftNQFRegDocs.aspx

Details for submitting a response to the consultation can be found in the Information Paper.

For more information visit http://deewr.gov.au/Earlychildhood/Policy_Agenda/Pages/DraftNQFRegDocs.aspx  

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